Job, helping with an Aircraft model


Is it OK if I ask for help for pay? I have an aircraft I would like to have modeled. I thought someone here who is already good with the software could do it easier than I can!

I have the tree views, top, front and side, can someone help?

#2 I’ve done a few Airplanes .post the pictures and I will take a look at it. If it’s something that I would lik to do I will do it free


Here are the Pics I have, Its called a Stinson 108. There are two versions of the Stinson 108, a “Small” tail like the ones in these pictures, and a “Large” tail like the 3D model shown here,


Posted, thank you Chris!
Rockwall Texas


Looks easy enough.sure I can do that for you


Man, that would be so helpful! I would really appreciate the help. Thank you

Will Ware

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Can I provide any more information to help you?


I just finished a project I was working on and I’m starting the plane.just letting you know I didn’t forget about you


Thank you, VERY excited. If you need any other graphics just reach out
Rockwall Texas


I will need to restart again tomorrow.the file I was working on somehow disappeared.umake team sometimes has luck getting them back so hopefully that happens…I was on a roll darn it.:weary:


Ouch! Thanks for working so hard

Will Ware

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Chris, were they able to recover your file?


File was not recovered but remake is going really glad I lost that file


Good job :clap: looking on the bright side! Very excited to see what you come up with. I will have to send you some Southwest Airlines swag to say thank you!

Will Ware

214-402-9253 cell


It’s going really fast now.i will send you a photo of where I’m at.


Cool, send it when you are ready!


Ok it’s done now. I just sent the file let me know if you get it .that project was a fun one thanks for the challenge


How would the file get to me? Do you need an email address?


I sent it to [] but I see now it didn’t go through…I’m guessing you already have an iCloud account. I’m not sure but might need a Gmail account also. Let me see if I can get someone to help us with this. @Nyko @evi Could you give us a hand here


Can you send your personal email address to my email and I will add you to a Box folder?

Will Ware

214-402-9253 cell