Is There A PDF User Guide?


I don’t much like video tutorials. It’s too much to try to remember all the clicks and from viewing tutorials.
I would like to get a user guide in PDF format so that I can study the usage of uMake by refering to it while I use it, instead of the online videos.

Thank you,
Frank S.


Hi Frank (@fleeteelf),

Good timing! We’re currently working on an online user guide that would help you!

Will post an update once it’s ready!



Thanks evi. Looking forward to saving some time by accessing it when it arrives.

Frank S.


Hi Frank,

Just wanted to update you that we added an online guide here in our forums: User’s Guide

Hope that answers your request.



Hi Evi,
That’s awesome! Great work and thank you very much. It will help a lot.
Kind Regards,
Frank S.