Ipados beta umake wont launch

I downloaded umake to use on my 9,7 pro running the ipados beta. It unfortunately crashes right after I launch it. I have used umake before on this same ipad in the normal ios.

What could I be doing wrong or is this an issue because I am running the beta os?

Your help will be much appreciated,
Mathijs Lieshout

I wanted to try it on my ipad pro 2018 (ios13 beta aswell) and it crashes instantly everytime.

Hi @Mathijs-Lieshout and @abmidala,

iPadOS is at least 2/3 months ahead of its official release date. We highly don’t recommend users to upgrade, unless they’re developers working on new apps or adjusting current apps.

We currently do not support iPadOS because of this reason. We will support it once it’s officially out.

Thank you,