How do yo get a drawing printed?


Do you have any information how I can ge a drawing printed. Can you send file to an outside serve to have printed? Are the drawing scaled?



Hi @Snyder1218,

Thanks for reaching out.

You can export your 3D design as .OBJ or .STL file and prepare them for 3D printing using software such as Cura ( or MeshMixer (

In these type of software, you can control the scale, thickness and other parameters of the 3D object before 3D printing it.

Hope that helps.



I was looking to print a two diamensional drawing on my I Inkjet printer. I am using a iPad Pro and do not want buy a special printer or add another software package. Can the program export a PDF file?


Hi @Snyder1218,

In uMake, you can export the drawing as a photo (.PNG) and then print it directly from your iPad using the Photos app.



How do you do that? I don’t see a png option in export?



You can find it under ‘Export’ panel and then “Save as Photo”



Thank you. This is helpful. All I need to do now is add dimensions.

Is there a dimension function or one planed soon?





Adding dimensions to the document is on our roadmap. It’s prioritized high on our list.