Extruded cut on ellipse


Hi I’m newbie in umake. Could you please advise how to make an extruded cut on the ellipse shape. size is 70mm w x 88mm L x 26mm into 70 x 88 x 13mm.

Firstly I used revole to create the ball in 88mm diameter , then I adjust the wdith and height to 70 and 26 presnetatively.

But i can’t make the sketch on the curve surface it says “unable to create sketch on non flat surface”

Can you help to provide a method?



Hi @Remyyan,

Thank you for reaching out!

At the moment that won’t be possible, BUT, happy to say that we’re already working on it and you’ll be able to cut 3D surfaces (very) soon (you’ll be able to sketch curves and closed curves on the surface using the ‘Precise’ and ‘Pen’ tool and then to erase those surfaces to create holes/cuts).

Hope that answers your question.